We offer support for the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being of clients seeking assistance, and for at-risk parents and children by providing resources, education, and access to social networks within the center and in the community.  

No matter what your situation may involve, we will respect you, and treat you with kindness and compassion, as we offer our support, and answer your questions about the choices you have.
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Abortion: A Woman's Right to Know
What is best for you?

Am I Pregnant?
Maybe you are suddenly staring parenthood in the face. This can't be happening. You're overwhelmed with fear, disbelief, excitement, devastation, anger, shame, and many other emotions. But most of all, confusion. What's best for you? What is God's plan for you?

I Am Pregnant!
Make up your own mind based on factual information. Take a deep breath. You have time. Don't make any quick decisions based on fear, panic and pressure. Talk to a trusted friend or advisor. Don't stop there - you have options. Check out all of the resources available to you. Carefully weigh the pro's and con's. And then take the road that's best for you - not necessarily the easiest - but an informed one that leads to a healthy, productive future.

But I'm The Guy...
As a man, don't be pressured to give up and let circumstances control you and the future of those you care about. What you do counts. You have choices and your decisions can make a positive impact. Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy is confusing and stressful. We have resources available to support you and your decision. Click here to access the Father's Online Forum.
So you're pregnant? We are here to help!
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